About Mobieus

Mobieus Systems is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) specializing in quickly and easily migrating our customers to the cloud. Mobieus’ subscription-based services are tailored to fulfill a range of business needs delivering reduced costs, enhanced security and increased productivity. Businesses choose Mobieus because we offer:

  • Exceptional Customer Experience - Our mCLoud Operations Team vigilantly monitors user experience to proactively solve issues before they disrupt service.
  • Organizational Effectiveness Guidance - With the right tools and processes in place, IT can dramatically improve productivity and drive company growth.
  • Dedicated Cloud Specialist - Our clients receive access to their very own Cloud Architect - opening limitless opportunities for IT transformation.

Mobieus Systems is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 2011 by Microsoft and IBM alumni, Mobieus Systems specialized in software as a service (SaaS) for complex data center monitor solutions.Recognizing the traditional desktop platform was quickly becoming a hindrance to workplace and individual productivity, mCloud was developed and launched in 2017.