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Author: Walter Chomak, November 09, 2017

Sign Up Now For a 14-Day Free Trial. It takes just a few minutes! mCloud Technical Support is always available to help and only a click away. You can also use our Concierge Service - we will assist you with any configuration and have you up and running in a flash.

Each mCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop is a personalized workspace for an individual user. This provides a persistent Windows desktop experience and personalized settings, applications, and documents and files. Windows desktop experience is powered by the same architecture as Windows 10 with enhanced capabilities for upgrading memory and CPU processing power.

Our free mCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop trial is fully functional but is locked down for security purposes. For example - you will not be a local administrator nor can you install any software. If you require enhanced access we are happy to accommodate. Simply contact mCloud Technical Support to discuss your specific needs.

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