mCloud: No Assembly Required

Author: Walter Chomak, November 09, 2017

We spend too much time with computer housekeeping. Everyone has had to suffer through waiting for Windows to automatically update itself. Windows’ updates are possibly the most frustrating thing about Windows because if not properly configured it will Automatically Update even if you are in the middle of something. It is not just Windows updates, any number of things can interrupt your productivity: How about trial software expiring and automatically trying to get you to upgrade to the paid version? Also, don’t forget to ensure your antivirus software is up to date and properly monitoring your computer. Is your computer slow? Do you have enough memory? Have you run out of disk space? Is your data secure and backed up? Have you been hacked? Is someone using your computer to mine bit coins? There is a seemingly endless supply of text boxes sucking up your time and provide nothing in return.

Enough! Stop wasting your time. Your mCloud Virtual Desktop is fully managed so you can create, innovate, be productive and not be distracted with any more technical nonsense.

  • Security – mCloud utilizes a complex arsenal of applications to protect you against all threats. Our engineers continually monitor and review all security incidents and take whatever action necessary to ensure your data is safe and your workspace secure. One less thing to worry about.
  • Operating System – You will never be bothered with Windows Updates again. mCloud completely automates Windows Updates. Your operating system will always be up to date. Another thing you do not have to worry about.
  • Applications – mCloud provides application deployment and maintenance services. Simply put: we will install your applications and configure them, so they too also remain up to date while ensuring you are not bothered with annoying notifications. Say goodbye to senseless notifications and distracting pop-ups.
  • Operations and Performance – mCloud includes a comprehensive proactive monitoring solution to ensure your desktop is always available and very fast. Anything that may impact performance is automatically fixed – your mCloud desktop will not gradually slow down. We ensure you experience maximum performance all of the time!

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