mCloud: Hosted QuickBooks Solutions

Author: Walter Chomak, March 08, 2018

QuickBooks plays a central role in day-to-day operations for businesses across the country. With mCloud there is now an easier way to leverage QuickBooks within your company. Hosting QuickBooks in mCloud allows you to make more efficient use of QuickBooks by quickly and easily deploying it to your accounting staff regardless of where they are located.

Benefits of Hosting QuickBooks in the mCloud

Traditional access methods for QuickBooks are restrictive. You must be working at the computer QuickBooks is installed on. QuickBooks hosted in mCloud frees your staff from being anchored to a specific desktop at the office and gives them the freedom to work from any location. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud gives you added flexibility for deployment and access, functioning more in line with how employees work today.

Easier Access to QuickBooks in mCloud

Installing QuickBooks on a virtual desktop gives you the full power and functionality of the desktop software with the added benefit of secure access from multiple locations and devices for CPAs and accountants that are not on-site. This allows you to leverage talent from outside of your region and more easily equip those resources with the tools they need to be productive.

Secure Access

We offer a secure platform to host QuickBooks and other applications. Security is inherent to this service and all others in our portfolio, which will prove to be a major benefit, given the sensitive nature of customer data and other data sets that you run through QuickBooks.

How to Host QuickBooks in mCloud

You have the option to publish QuickBooks via our application virtualization platform or you can access QuickBooks through our hosted virtual desktops. Our mCloud specialists can help customize the configuration to your desired workflow and to meet any other requirements you may have.