mCloud: Windows XP - Refreshed for Security and Functionality

Author: Walter Chomak, December 08, 2017

How do businesses stay competitive without the most up to date technology, security and software?

They can’t.

How does a business improve their capabilities and security without overspending?

With mCloud.

Businesses all over the world are trying to update their capabilities and remain competitive without incurring additional costs. Unfortunately the reality is purchasing new computers and software, even for the smallest business, is expensive and time consuming.

But now, there is another option: mCloud

So, what should be done with all those Windows XP computers that are still operational, but not useful in the workplace?

Redeploy them with mCloud. Turn slow, unsecured, function-less desktop computers into fast, secured fully-functional desktop computers with mCloud.

But wait, what’s the problem with Windows XP? It’s not the newest, but it still works.

Well, Windows XP was released in 2001 and Microsoft officially stopped support in 2014. Windows XP is currently the third most popular operating system in the world. According to the outdated, vulnerability-riddled Windows XP is still running on 7.04% of the world’s computers. It’s still more widely used than Windows 8.1 (released in 2013) or any version of Apple’s Mac OSX or the open-source Linux OS.

Various studies suggest there are approximately 2 billion PCs in use around the world. This translates to over 140,800,000 PCs running Windows XP worldwide.

Most recently, the Windows XP operating system was exploited by the WannaCry Ransomware that affected the NHS and went on to infect computers in 150 other countries. These viruses were tailored to exploit Windows XP and count on businesses still using unsecured operating systems.

But Don’t Throw Those Old Desktops Away Just Yet!

mCloud is our premium cloud computing platform specifically designed to securely deliver hosted virtual desktops (HVDs), providing users secure access to their desktop workspace from any device. mCloud effortlessly transforms the oldest desktop computers into secure, zero-touch thin clients. The computer is converted into a simple, administratively locked-down shell which automatically connects to mCloud – providing a highly functional, easy to use virtual desktop experience along with a fantastic user experience.

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