mCloud: Security Takes Center Stage

Author: Walter Chomak, January 18, 2018

mCloud utilizes a multi-layer security ecosystem which extends directly into our Hosted Virtual Desktops. This includes Intrusion Protection Systems, Vulnerability Scans, Automated Auditing & Alerting as well as Threat Assessments.

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Even with these measures in place, the only thing stopping an intruder from accessing your Hosted Virtual Desktop is a username and password. None of our security would be able to prevent an unauthorized user from accessing your computer if they obtained your username and password. Seems silly, doesn’t it? We agree! Effective January 18, 2018 all mCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops include 2-Factor Authentication. We have implemented Duo’s easy-to- use two-factor authentication security solution to confirm the identity of our users and health of their devices before they connect to their Hosted Virtual Desktop.

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