mCloud: Who Benefits?

Author: Walter Chomak, January 11, 2018

Remote Workers: Many professions companies use outsourced workers or allow employees to work remotely. mCloud lets you work from any device, anywhere, while benefiting from the same comfortable, consistent user experience. Productivity increases because workers work in the same digital workspace regardless of their device or location. Remote Workers are not just more productive they are also happier! Check out this piece from Time Doctor titled “Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees?

Seasonal Workers: Many businesses adjust their workforce size from season to season. Accounting firms increase staff during tax season and retailers during the holiday season. You can get your new workers up and running quickly and easily with mCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops customized to your needs. When the busy season finally comes to an end you simply decommission. mCloud has No Minimums or Contracts so you are only charged for what you used – regardless of duration.

Software Developers: Hosted Virtual Desktops can quickly and easily be deployed for developers and designers with their favorite applications installed. Team collaboration is easily facilitated, and all data remains safely in protected workspace.

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