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Advanced Threat Protection & Prevention FAQ

  1. Does my Windows 10 computer already have Microsoft Defender?
    • Yes. However you have to ensure both Security Intelligence Updates and Product Updates are properly updated on a regular basis. You also have to respond to identified threats and quarantined files. Our Secured Desktop Service (SDS) integrates your instance of Microsoft Defender to our Fully Managed instance of Azure Security Center (ASC) where we monitor the health and activity of Microsoft Defender on your computers freeing you up to focus on more important tasks. If any action is required we will take care of on your behalf.
  2. I have McAfee on my computer. Can I run Widows Defender alongside McAfee?
    • No. Windows Defender was designed to turn off as soon as Windows detects that you’re using another solution to protect against viruses and malware. Your computer’s performance would noticeably be impacted if both were running at the same time. When your computer is on-boarded to the Secured Desktop Service (SDS) McAfee will be disabled. Please note Windows Defender is free and McAfee requires a paid subscription.

Updated on December 29, 2020

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