mCloud: Virtual Desktops Delivered at Lightening Speeds

Next Generation of Desktop Computing

Don’t let your traditional desktop hold you back! With mCloud there is no more patching or upgrading, in fact there is no desktop administration at all. You get maximum productivity while we handle the boring stuff.

Your mCLOUD HVD Includes:

  • Dedicated Windows 10 Hosted Virtual Desktop
  • 100 GB Protected Storage - Data Backup Included
  • No Charge for Bandwidth
  • Fully Managed Security Patching
  • Fully Managed Application Deployments & Updates

What is mCloud?

mCloud is an agile, user-friendly turnkey hosted virtual desktop solution.
Administrative and management services are included with all mCLOUD deployments.

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Why Go Virtual?

Hosted Virtual Desktops ensure you can work from any device at any location while enjoying the comfort and consistency of your favorite desktop configuration. No more lugging around laptops - simply login to mCloud and your desktop is exactly how you left it earlier.

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How Does it Work?

Your virtual desktop runs on high-performance computers hosted in our private cloud platform called mCloud. It is always on, always up-to-date and always secure. Your data is automatically backed up and all applications are automatically updated. You no longer have to go to a specific computer to get your data - all you need to do is connect to mCLOUD from any device.

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mCloud Applications in the Real World

mCloud provides substantial value to everyone. mCloud solves problems - not merely disguises them. Read some of our success stories to see if mCloud is right for you.

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