The Network That’s Always Working For You. Fast. Secure. Resilient.
The Network That’s Always Working For You. Fast. Secure. Resilient.

How does mCloud work?

The mCloud platform is hosted in our private cloud ecosystem spanning our Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston data centers. Users are able to access their Hosted Virtual Desktops from any place in the world and from any device including laptops, desktops or tablets. Required bandwidth is little - so little you can easily connect using your mobile phone as a hot spot as well as over high latency networks.

mCloud grows with you. Just like a traditional desktop computer, you can install programs, create data and make customizations but unlike a traditional computer, these settings will follow you - accessible from any device - ensuring a consistent user experience. You will never be more than a few clicks away from the comfort and security of your desktop.

mCloud Network


Our infrastructure was built from the ground up to meet industry-leading security and performance standards—to ensure the most reliable and consistent user experience. Business continuity and disaster recovery protections are fully integrated as well as 2-Factor Authentication.

We provide a multi-customer environment isolating access from the infrastructure. This ensures each customer’s requirements are fulfilled - from security to licensing. Each layer of isolation enhances network security and we also provide and manage anti-virus, spam and malware protection systems that stretch deep into the desktop environment - just one less concern for our customers.