mCloud in Action
mCloud in Action

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Alternative

Hosted virtual desktops lets users log in remotely without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Supporting a VPN is expensive and burdensome.

Hosted virtual desktops offer a favorable alternative to VPNs for secure access to your company’s data and applications ensuring security remains paramount while not inhibiting easy of access.

Support Mobility Initiatives & Remote Workers

The need for remote access has dramatically increased with the rise in mobile work and virtual employees. Regardless of a user’s location, data and applications are accessible via their hosted virtual desktop.

The speed of deployment and ease of remote maintenance make hosted virtual desktops an ideal solution for companies with remote offices or teams.

Support Bring-Your-Own-Device Initiatives

With mCloud - users are free to connect with any device. No need to continually purchase new hardware - employees can safely and securely use their preferred devices.

Computers are Vital Tools for Success why are you wasting your time updating, patching, upgrading and performance tuning? All mCloud virtual desktop solutions are fully managed. No need to back up your data - we do it automatically. No need to update antivirus or Adobe - we also do that automatically. Performance problems? No problem - our state of the art predictive monitoring service will notify us if your virtual desktop is having any issues so we can fix immediately.