Future Proofing with the Cloud
Future Proofing with the Cloud

Why go virtual?

Reduce Operational Costs & Increase Productivity

For companies looking to conserve capital – hosted virtual desktops can prolong the use of your existing hardware. Hosted virtual desktops can free up costly resources. With mCloud your IT department will spend less time on day-to-day management and support. With no infrastructure to manage or support you can focus on business development and innovation.

  • Resuscitate / Repurpose Old Computers – Extend their life by converting to thin clients using the mCloud Desktop Conversion Utility.
  • Refresh with Low Cost Endpoints – When a converted thin client inevitably fails simply replace it with a low cost thin client appliance

What’s Included with mCloud?

mCloud puts you back in control of your desktop. The operating system, applications and data are stored centrally so you can access from any device from any location.

  • Dedicated Windows 10 Hosted Virtual Desktop
  • 100 GB Protected Storage - Data Backup Included
  • No Charge for Bandwidth
  • Fully Manages Security Monitoring - including Antivirus and Intrusion Detection
  • Fully Managed Application Deployment & Updates
  • Performance Monitoring
  • mCloud Desktop Conversion Utility if Needed

Security EcoSystem

mCloud includes multiple layers of security - from our physical data centers all the way down to the virtual desktop. Access to your hosted virtual desktop is encrypted and secured. 2-Factor Authentication is also available - providing another layer of security to ensure your hosted virtual desktop is extremely secure.

Our infrastructure design was built from the ground up to meet industry-leading security and performance standards—to ensure the most reliable and consistent user experience. Business continuity and disaster recovery protections are fully integrated

We provide a multi-customer environment isolating access from the infrastructure. This ensures each customer’s requirements are fulfilled - from security to licensing. Each layer of isolation enhances network security and we also provide and manage anti-virus, spam and malware protection systems that stretch deep into the desktop environment - just one less concern for our customers.